Law Office of Robert Terry LLC


-Criminal Appearance*           $119.00

- Litigation Hourly Rate***      $99.00 h/r

-Legal Research* *                 $79.00 h/r

* This fee is per case, if you have a multicase docket that you need us to cover there will be a nominal additional fee depending on the circumstances.

** There is a 1 hour minimum charge, and all services are billed by 1/4 hour.

*** There is a 2 hour minimum charge, and all services are billed by 1/4 hour.

We assist by providing legal representation to other attorneys of record in criminal matters.

This includes the following areas

 Criminal arraignments, bail hearings, pretrial hearings, both in custody and out of custody cases

 Criminal Preliminary Hearings & Trials

 DMV hearings, and other administrative hearings and trials

We appear in most Colorado courts and if you have a matter in a court we do not service yet, we will make every effort to find an attorney to handle your matter.  If you need an appearance attorney, then you have the right website. 

Robert Terry offers his service as an on call appearance attorney and offers highly experienced special criminal appearances. We provide fast, easy and convenient 24-hour special appearance request service.

Robert Terry will make your appearance so you do not have to fight the traffic, wait on your case to be called or deal with all the other related issues in Court. He acts as your temporary attorney at court in criminal matters. Robert Terry can handle just about any type of criminal hearings, administrative hearings, and even on special request depositions, trials, and research.

Robert Terry handles cases in most Colorado area Courts, but we do have the ability to provide you with an  attorney appearance in Florida as well, upon special request and subject to additional fees.

Reasons for Hiring an Appearance Attorney
When you have a routine case in court and you are not able to attend, the attorney will need to arrange to hire an appearance attorney who will stand in on his behalf. This will help in making sure that the case proceeds to be heard without being postponed. Robert Terry will stand in for lawyers who are unable to attend their hearings because of certain conflicts, distance to court, value of your time doing something else, or you just rather not appear.

Robert Terry is knowledgeable and has mastered the tactics that can be used to ensure the outcome of the appearance is what the attorney desires.  He  will know the right approach to adopt so as to resolve the court appearance successfully.

Robert Terry can be available on short notice hence making him a great choice when you have a last minute emergency, become ill or are prevented by unforeseeable circumstances from attending the court session.  Our reporting to you on the outcome of your matter is same day, generally within 2-4 hours after the appearance is completed.
What about the Cost?

The service is affordable.  Our prices are clearly stated and you will know how much the appearance attorney will charge before hiring.  For most appearances, a flat fee will apply to your appearance in court.  Under some circumstances there may be a parking or mileage charge, which will be explained to you before you finalize your matter with us.

If you bill by the hour, we can provide you with the billable hours, and email summary of case outcome. Additionally, no need to mail checks or worry about submitting payment ... we accept Credit Cards with no additional fee to you.