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Any criminal charge is serious, it can affect your future and the rest of your life. You can't afford to not hire an attorney to represent you no matter how minor the officer or prosecuting attorney makes your case  seem. Don't let the prosecution fool you, there are plenty of situations where you are facing criminal charges even though the arresting officer did not take you into custody. When you experience an arrest, everything will change.

With more than a decade of criminal law and law enforcement experience we can effectively litigate on our clients' behalf, you can focus on life instead of finding yourself overwhelmed and worried about your court case. The prosecution has enormous resources at its disposal. Hiring the right lawyer to defend you is one of the most important decisions you will make.

You want an attorney who is aggressive and will defend you vigorously, but you also want an attorney who will be upfront with you about your situation. Some situations call for trial, while others need a lawyer who is capable of negotiating a fair plea deal. Knowing how to handle your case and how to achieve the best outcome is where an experienced attorney  can help you.

At the Law Office of Robert Terry, we will review the evidence against you as well as perform an investigation into the circumstances of your charge. We will then meet with you to discuss what the best options are, and will work with you to develop a comprehensive plan to provide the best defense for you.

Hiring Robert Terry means hiring an attorney who is dedicated to protecting your rights, has years of experience , and is straightforward with you when advising you about your case. Call today to schedule your consultation.