Law Office of Robert Terry LLC


I understand that having a criminal charge filed against you is a traumatic experience that usually causes elevated levels of anxiety and worry. Most of my clients are concerned about the cost of representation through this already difficult time. I am fairly flexible with my fee structure, often charging a minimal amount or not at all for simple things that most attorney’s bill for. That being said, it is nearly impossible for me to give you a total cost of representation on a website. Each case is truly different and has different time and cost requirements. I am going to list some of my typical fee structures and when they are usually most appropriate.


Flat Fee: Depending on your previous history (traffic or criminal) and the nature of your charges, I may be able to offer you a flat fee option. The flat fee amount is dependent on many factors (history, complexity, number of charges & nature of charges) so I would need to consult with you to determine if this is an option in your situation. Typically flat fees are utilized in cases where the client has little to no history, and the charge is relatively minor.  A flat fee is usually broken up into three benchmarks, which could result in the client receiving a refund in the event the case does not go to trial. The total amount of the flat fee is due upon the signing of the fee agreement.


Hourly Fee:  This is most often the fee arrangement in the legal field because often times it is impossible to determine the amount of time and resources that will be necessary to devote to the case. Some cases resolve relatively easily, while other cases that appeared simple can drag on for considerable time.  Often times clients actually save money over a flat fee arrangement if the case resolves quickly, after an attorney reviews discovery a simple call may resolve the case. I do not drag cases out to run up costs, nor do I file unnecessary motions. Additionally, I always let my clients decide how we should proceed with their case, whenever possible. In an hourly fee arrangement, the client will pay an upfront retainer which varies by case type and urgency of the matter. Often times clients wait until the last minute to contact me, which result in additional or considerable work being performed in a short period of time, causing more expense and a considerably higher retainer to be required. In the event the case is resolved and there is a retainer credit, it is refunded.


Forms of Payment: I accept credit cards, cash or checks. In the event someone else is going to pay your legal fees (3rd Party Payer) they will need to sign the fee agreement before representation will begin. It should be noted: they have no say so in how your case is handled, are not entitled to any information about your case and they will not receive a bill, you will. It is your responsibility to ensure that your bills are paid in a timely manner.